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Ultra-Seal 3600

This 3” port size pump features:  a mechanical seal on the front of the drive shaft; high performance Teflon® and Viton® lip seals placed in strategic locations on both the drive and idler shafts; advanced ball and roller bearings along with a rugged 1 ¼” diameter shaft.  Maximum leak resistance and longer pump life while pumping up to 275 gpm with rubber gears and 440 gpm with steel gears.

Port Size: 3"

Pump Life

Flow Volume

Leak Resistance

Ease of Repair

3" BOWIE FLOW CHART with Steel Gears WATER 31 SSU (Rubber Gears have 95% efficiency vs. Steel)

Download Ultra-Seal 3600 Pump Curve

Ultra-Seal 3600 Dimensions

Download Side View Base View End View

Ultra-Seal 3600 Exploded View