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Less downtime means more profits.

Because Bowie pumps are called upon to perform at a high level in the harshest of environments, they eventually require new components. That’s why we’ve designed our pumps to get you back up and running as quickly – and as cost-effectively – as possible. Most basic pump repairs can be done on-the-spot by an operator with minimal mechanical background.

What makes a Bowie pump easier to fix and maintain?

  • Fewer moving parts, making disassembly and reassembly a snap.
  • Intelligently designed with Quick-Fix technology like all-in-one removable seal cartridges in our Eco-Seal pumps and rapid-access bolt-on end caps on the Dura-Seal pumps.
  • Ability to repair a pump while it is still in-line (some exceptions apply).
  • Standardized Bowie parts like cases, end plates and gears on a number of pump series meaning better parts availability and a lower cost of inventory.
  • Precision machining ensures replacement parts will fit perfectly every time.
  • Easy to follow instructions and diagrams.
  • The most comprehensive network of stocking dealers, distributors and certified repair centres to back you up whenever you need it.