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    About Bowie Pumps of Canada Ltd

    Bowie Pumps of Canada Ltd. has been a pacesetter in the field of rotary gear pumps for over three decades. Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, we are one of the country’s premier pump manufacturers.

    Our customers include independent owner-operators, along with some of the largest corporate clients in North America. Businesses that rely on our pumps to perform in a variety of markets and applications. Each and every day. 

    Today, we focus our efforts and specialize in three primary markets:

    • Fluid transportation in the oil and gas production industry.
    • Bulk fluid transportation of water, acids and chemicals.
    • Process pumping in industrial environments.

    Outperform. Outlast.

    Over the years, we have developed a reputation for producing pumps that OUTPERFORM and OUTLAST. This has been our commitment and our calling card.

    As a result, we’ve become the leading name in high performance, long lasting rotary gear pumps. Pumps that deliver the best value and the lowest total cost of ownership for our customers.

    What’s the secret to our success?

    Customer Focus

    The only way we can be successful is when our customers are successful. Everything we do is driven by our customers.  What are your needs?  What are your challenges? What are your goals?  How can we best support you?

    Product Leadership

    Our growing pump portfolio represents the leading edge of technology and innovation in areas such as flow volume, pump life, ease of repair and leak resistance. We’re constantly improving our products and individual components to meet the changing needs of our customers.

    Partner Network

    Bowie Pumps of Canada Ltd. is proud to partner with Original Equipment Manufacturers of mobile truck tanks, Stocking Dealers and Certified Repair Centres in order to provide full distribution, technical expertise, service and support to our valued customers.