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    Innovative engineering and design

    The first rotary gear pump was designed and built just over 100 years ago. For a long time, these pumps remained largely unchanged with only modest improvements to enhance pump performance and life-span.

    Times have changed. There is now greater demand for proven pumps that can stand up to higher operating temperatures, more corrosive environments and tighter environmental regulations.

    We have led the way in spurring innovation.

    Our engineering and design teams focus their efforts on several important initiatives including:

    • Increasing pump efficiencies.
    • Developing gear and housing materials with exceptional durability and chemical resistance.
    • Advanced sealing technologies for improved leak resistance.

    Our engineering and design expertise encompasses three key areas:

    1. Pump Design: Housing, gears, seals, bearings, shafts and overall pump design to OUTPERFORM and OUTLAST.
    2. Functional Analysis: Fluid dynamic modelling to determine flow volume and leak resistance.
    3. Product Testing: Evaluating sealing performance and damage tolerance.

    Computer technology continues to play an important role in our process. Our design engineers use an extensive toolbox of specialized software, including SolidWorks™ 3D CAD and SIMULATION software to validate our designs.

    The result of this ongoing effort and dedication is a rapidly expanding line of Bowie pumps that continues to meet our mandate to OUTPERFORM and OUTLAST.