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    Leading edge manufacturing technologies.

    All Bowie pumps are built in-house in our 1,500 m2 manufacturing facility in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

    We have invested heavily in advanced technologies, superior equipment and progressive manufacturing processes to ensure that all of the pumps leaving the plant are manufactured to the closest tolerances and perform at the highest level possible.

    For example, we have the distinction of being the only pump manufacturer in Canada with multiple five axis machining centres, allowing us to do the following:

    • Machine an entire pump part, like a complete pump housing, in one setup. This eliminates errors and out-of-tolerance dimensions associated with multiple setups.
    • Machine complex shapes, like the parabolic shape of the teeth in our progressive helical gears, leading to higher flow volumes and longer lasting pumps.
    • Utilize a variety of materials, like different grades of stainless steel, for enhanced chemical resistance.

    This is the same equipment that is used in aerospace, automotive and medical industries around the world.  Just one more example of how and why Bowie Pumps of Canada Ltd. leads the way in rotary gear pumps.