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    Quality in everything we do.

    Bowie Pumps of Canada Ltd.’s well-established reputation for superior quality pumps is the result of meticulous design, manufacturing and testing practices.

    Our in-house quality and testing program involves three distinct processes:

    1. Manufacturing First-Piece and In-Process Inspection: All manufactured components are monitored and inspected as they move through the manufacturing cycle in order to identify and dispose of any non-conforming materials.
    2. Manufacturing Final Assembly Inspection: Each and every pump is given a final inspection before it goes out the door, in order to confirm that it is built exactly to Bowie’s design specifications.
    3. Functional Analysis Testing: To ensure Bowie pumps meet our standards of quality, performance and safety, we have invested in a well-equipped performance testing unit designed to assess four specific performance criteria
      1. Durability (damage tolerance).
      2. Sealing performance.
      3. Pressure and flow rates.
      4. Heat, vibration and noise testing.

    Every one of our Eco-Seal and our premium Ultra-Seal pumps, and a random sample of every other Bowie pump series, is subject to this functional analysis testing prior to their shipment to you, our customer.

    Since all inspection and testing is completed in-house, we are taking direct responsibility for ensuring your pump will perform as expected.