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    Bowie Announces Introduction of Advanced New Pump Series

    Posted on

    Edmonton, AB, Canada – Bowie Pumps of Canada Ltd. today announced the introduction of the new Dura-Seal™ Series of rotary gear pumps as heavy use, leak resistant every day pumps for the upstream oil and gas and bulk fluid transport markets.

    Dura-Seal™ pumps are classified as ‘combo-style seal and bearing design’ pumps which incorporate a combination of high-performance lip seals along with a mixture of both bearings and bushings in order to broaden the pump applications while improving pump life.

    While the Dura-Seal™ is not the first combo-style pump, it may be the best.

    “We have developed an ingeniously simple seal and bearing design pump which is mechanically balanced in order to perform more efficiently and last longer.  It is the pump that customers have been waiting for,” said Terry Kunyk, President of Bowie Pumps of Canada Ltd.  “Optimal mechanical balance means enhanced leak resistance and longer pump life for our customers”.

    Another unique feature of the Dura-Seal™ pumps is the use of rapid-access bolt-on end caps, on both the front and rear end plates, which allows quick and easy replacement of all bearing and sealing components.

    The new series of pumps will begin shipping to Authorized Bowie Dealers on Monday, February 18, 2013.

    About Bowie Pumps of Canada Ltd.

    Bowie Pumps of Canada Ltd. is an Alberta-based manufacturer of rotary gear pumps for handling a full spectrum of fluids:  fresh and produced water, crude oil and condensate, chemicals and solvents, acids, drilling and frac fluids and more.  The company’s leadership brands include Signature™, Eco-Seal™, XP™ and Ultra-Seal™ Series of pumps which are all designed to provide exceptional pump performance and long operating life.  Please visit for in-depth information about our company.

    Michael Kunyk, Business Unit Leader
    Bowie Pumps of Canada Ltd.