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    Why Buy Bowie?

    At Bowie Pumps of Canada Ltd., we are committed to your success. In the field and on your bottom line.

    We provide the best return on your investment by focusing on two key areas: pumps that OUTPERFORM and OUTLAST. By focusing on these key attributes, we are able to deliver a pump solution that offers the BEST OVERALL VALUE for your business.

    There are seven key reasons why customers demand Bowie by name:

    1. More Flow Volume
    2. Longer Pump Life
    3. Ease of Repair
    4. Leak Resistance
    5. Versatility
    6. Superior Components
    7. Low Life-Cycle Costs

    What Outperform and Outlast means to you…

    OUTPERFORM: You are under relentless pressure to pump more volume, while maximizing environmental and worker safety in a wide range of demanding yet varying applications. Bowie pumps have proven to be up to the toughest challenge for over 60 years.

    OUTLAST: You rely heavily on your pump. You demand a workhorse you can lean on day-in and day-out. Bowie pumps set the standard for delivering unmatched reliability and durability. The result? Maximum uptime. Greater productivity. Improved profitability.

    Click here to find out more about how Bowie pumps Outperform and Outlast to boost your bottom line.