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    Superior leak resistance.

    Today, companies must comply with stringent regulatory and safety needs aimed at protecting both the environment and human life.

    Bowie Pumps of Canada Ltd. is striving to lead the industry with pumps designed to provide superior leak resistance in the face of challenges such as:

    • High operating pressures
    • Pressure spikes
    • Vibration
    • Shocks
    • Temperature fluctuations

    Over the past few years, we have introduced three new series of pumps with a range of sealing options to meet these challenges.

    The Ultra-Seal Series: Offering our highest level of leak-resistance and operator safety. With a high quality mechanical seal on the front of the drive-shaft and 14 Teflon® and Viton® lip seals distributed in strategic locations on both the drive and idler shafts, these pumps have become the golden ‘green’ standard.

    The Dura-Seal Series: Uniquely designed with five high performance elastomeric double lip seals and five Viton® single lip seals to maximize leak resistance in various conditions related to: higher pressure, higher temperature, increased rotation speed and more dangerous chemical and acid fluid materials.

    Eco-Seal Series: Based on the Signature Series design, Eco-Seal pumps are designed with an advanced new high performance lip sealing system to help lock fluids in and keep trouble out.  Making a great pump even better.