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    Life-Cycle Cost

    What Outperform and Outlast means to your bottom line.


    The ultimate Bowie advantage is the unmatched value our pumps provide. Because they are designed to OUTPERFORM and OUTLAST, Bowie Pumps allow you to generate more revenue – at a lower overall cost of ownership.

    See for yourself… by using this user-friendly Life-Cycle Cost Calculator:

    Tips on “How to Lower your Life-Cycle Costs.”

    Download the PDF to learn how you can reduce your lifecycle costs.

    Cost Calculator

    How to use it?

    How to use it:

    Use the Life-Cycle Cost Calculator to quickly estimate the total life-cycle cost of a Bowie pump and an alternative pump.

    Simply input the requested data. (If you need help, click here for assistance).

    The calculator will generate an analysis of the total life-cycle costs. Lower costs mean more profits.

    Additionally, if you input the predicted or proven life span of the pumps and their flow volumes, the calculator will generate the number of gallons pumped during the pumps life-cycle. More gallons pumped means more revenue and more profits.

    Bowie Pump Other Pump
    Manufacturer & Series
    Model Number
    Operating Parameters
    Predicted Life of Pump (Months)
    Monthly Useage (Hours)
    Rate of Flow (GPM)
    at Operating RPM
    Pump ‰ Efficiency
    Lifetime Useage (Hours)
    Gallons Pumped per Operating Hour
    Gallons Pumped in Pump Lifetime
    Life-Cycle Gallons Pumped
    Initial Costs
    Pump Cost
    Other Initial Cost
    Initial Cost
    Number of Installations in Life-Cycle
    Life-Cycle Equipment Costs
    Installation Costs
    Pump Installation Costs
    Material and Labour
    Additional Connections if Necessary
    Installation Cost
    Number of Installations in Life-Cycle
    Life-Cycle Installation Costs
    Maintenance/Repair Costs
    Routine Preventive
    Maintenance Cost/M
    Rebuild Component Costs
    Material and Labour
    Number of Rebuilds per Year
    Life-cycle Maintenance Costs
    Life-cycle Rebuild Costs
    Life-Cycle Maintenance
    and Repair Costs
    Downtime Costs
    Downtime-Lost Production Hours/M
    Downtime Cost Per Month @ $50/HR
    Life-cycle Downtime Costs
    Calculate Report Bowie Pump Other Pump
    Life-Cycle Term in Months
    Equipment Costs
    Installation Costs
    Maintenance & Repair Costs
    Downtime Costs
    Total Life-Cycle Costs
    Life-Cycle Gallons Pumped
    Life-Cycle Benefit of
    Ownership Factor

    Total Life Cycle Gallons

    Total Cost of Ownership Comparison