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    Longer Pump Life

    If your pump stops flowing, so does your profitability. That’s why trucking operators and industrial clients count on Bowie pumps for their durability, dependability and reliability.

    Trouble-free operations begin with the design and engineering of a pump. We have long understood that a pump is only as strong as its weakest parts and components. If one part fails, especially a bearing or a seal, the whole pump fails. So we design each part and component to handle your most stressful working conditions, which significantly reduces your downtime and associated costs.

    What makes Bowie pumps last longer and work harder?

    • High load-carrying capacity seals, bearings and shafts ensure dependable performance under extreme operating conditions.
    • Advanced sealing technologies, including specially formulated elastomeric lip seals, for higher temperatures, working pressures and rotation speeds.
    • Superior components, like polymer coated housing and wear plates, for enhanced chemical and acid resistance.
    • Balanced design of rotating parts to minimize heat and vibration.
    • Minimal axial thrust and load for negligible shaft deflection.
    • Fewest moving parts to reduce wear and to prolong life.
    • Precise, consistent fit of both new and replacement components.
    • Thousands of hours of internal and field testing of operating performance.

    The table below identifies the key areas where we invest in order to minimize pump failure and maximize your return on your pump investment.