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    Greater flow for superior performance.

    When it comes to pumps, performance is everything. The more volume you can safely pump – and the faster you can do it – the more profitable you will be.

    All Bowie pumps are engineered to provide greater pump volume that the competition. The technology inside our pumps allows us to add up to 31% more flow volume than a competitor’s pump with a larger port size.

    What do we do differently to maximize flow volume?

    Superior Gears: Our top of the line progressive helical steel gear (with its unique tooth profile) creates more surface area for carrying more fluid. Meanwhile, our Buna-N rubber gears are the hardest working, longest lasting on the market… offering unmatched value for performance.

    Refined Housing Design: Our superior internal pump housing geometry has been fine-tuned to promote smoother flow, less heat and friction along with greater output volume.

    Tighter Manufacturing Tolerances: Our 5 axis CNC machining ensures the most accurate manufacturing tolerances for all of our pump components – which ultimately maximizes pump flow volume.

    We call these Bowie technologies our VOLUME MAXIMIZERS.

    Not all pumps are created equally.

    Here is just one example of how we OUTPERFORM the competition.

    In side-by-side tests, a Bowie 4” progressive helical steel gear pump moved 615 gallons per minute while a leading competitor’s 4 ½” helical steel gear pump maxed out at only 470 gallons per minute.  That is 31% more flow volume.