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    Cutting-edge gear technologies

    Bowie pumps are available in a number of gear configurations including our innovative Progressive Helical steel gears and Buna-N synthetic rubber gears.

    Over the years, the industry has adopted both types of gears and we have made multiple improvements and proprietary changes to each – in order to optimize flow volumes and lifespan.

    Progressive Helical Steel Gears

    Helical gears offer many advantages. Unlike regular ‘straight cut’ gears, the leading edge of the teeth are not parallel to the axis of rotation but are set at an angle. Pumps using this gear design are quieter and run more smoothly.

    To maximize the flow and to improve the life span of the standard helical gear, we have improved upon the design by creating our unique Bowie Progressive Helical steel gear. The benefits are:

    • A stronger vacuum for increased flow.
    • Decreased noise and vibration.
    • Reduced wear by minimizing end-thrust.
    • Longer pump life.

    Buna-N Gears

    The name Bowie has become synonymous with the term ‘rubber gear’ rotary gear pump for many reasons including exceptional durability and value.

    We utilize a proprietary bonding process which creates a seal between the Buna-N and the metal core of the gear, which withstands continuous rotation and inhibits the migration of fluids between the surfaces. As a result of this high strength bond, our Buna-N gears are more resistant to shocks, vibrations, thermocycling, stress fatigue cracking and impacts.

    The net result: Improved function, longer life and enhanced safety from your Bowie rubber geared pump.