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    Advanced sealing and bearing components

    At Bowie Pumps of Canada Ltd., we know that there are few things more critical to pump performance than designing in the appropriate sealing and bearing components.

    The factors that come into play when selecting the appropriate seals and bearings include:

    • Pump application
    • Corrosiveness
    • Operating temperature
    • Rotation speed
    • Working pressure
    • Lubrication
    • Friction
    • Service intervals
    • Maintenance requirements

    There is one other key factor when it comes to bearings and seals that is typically overlooked by other pump manufacturers – ensuring that the overall pump design is ‘mechanically balanced’. This means that the bearings and seals are specifically located on the shaft to evenly distribute the load and stress. Ultimately this reduces pressure and wear on the shafts, seals and bearings in order to maximize leak resistance and pump life.

    We use a variety of bearings and seals and we have introduced some innovative new sealing technologies in our Eco-Seal and Dura-Seal series of pumps.

    The Eco-Seal Series of pumps features specially formulated elastomeric seals, unique to Bowie, encased in an easy-to-replace, all-in-one removable cartridge. These elastomeric seals are also used to protect the idler and rear drive shaft components. These specialized elastomeric materials offer longer wear, higher temperature tolerance and excellent chemically resistance.

    Perhaps the best example of Bowie innovation is the Dura-Seal series of pumps. Using our engineering expertise and a combination of specially formulated elastomeric and Viton® seals, we have developed an ingeniously simple seal and bearing design resulting in our most mechanically balanced, toughest, high output pump.