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    Shaft Extension Kit

    Bowie-ShaftExtension-croppedBowie’s Dura-Seal™ and Ultra-Seal™ pumps are designed with larger diameter shafts than the industry standard, 1 ⅛”.  This engineering advantage allows Bowie pumps to handle higher stress loads.

    In order to provide a simple solution for customers who want to upgrade to a Bowie pump with its larger diameter shafts – without changing their existing mounting configuration – Bowie offers our Shaft Extension Kit.

    • Converts Bowie’s 1 ¼” diameter shaft to 1 ⅛” diameter for ease of installation.
    • Manufactured from fatigue-proof steel for long lasting performance and reliability.
    • Kits currently available for the Dura-Seal™ 3700 and the Ultra-Seal™ 3600 pumps.
    • Allows you to replace your current pump with a Bowie, without altering your mounting configuration.
    • Conversion kit results in no reduction of the Bowie pump’s performance.

    The kit comes complete with the shaft extension and a Grade 5 hex bolt, washers and a locking nut.


    Item Name

    Shaft Extension Kit, Converts  1 ¼” Diameter Shaft to 1 ⅛” Diameter Shaft

    Bowie Item Number



    Fatigue proof steel to ASTM A311 Standard

    1 ¼” Female Coupler End

    1.25” Inner Diameter by 3.125” Inner Length2.25” Outer Diameter

    1 ⅛” Shaft End

    1.125” Outer Diameter by 3.0” Length

    Total Overall Length



    ¼” X ¼” by 1 ¼” Length

    Ship Weight (lbs)



    SAE Grade 5 Hex Bolt (⅜” x 2 ¾”) with 2 washers and a locking nut